Letra Its On

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Letra Its On


Artista: Pitbull
Album: Other
Música: Its On
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Ringtone de "Its On"

Letra da musica Its On:  

When you need it call me on the phone tonight
It's on, it's on, it's on
Body's callin vibrate in reggaeton
It's on, it's on

[?] like a drive [?]
In my life's real got no [?] by
You can ask anybody that sweep me
How that little chick on right years ago [?]
You tricked you stop but then little chick [?] on pitbull
He was a [?] picking up rappers like know us off
Two at a time nigga
Who would have thought
[?] on the rappers not to take it the [?]
If you can't finish don't start hey
If you can't finish don't start hey
If you can't finish don't start hey


Ringtone de "Its On"

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