Letra Roman Holiday

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Letra Roman Holiday

Nicki Minaj

Artista: Nicki Minaj
Album: Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Música: Roman Holiday
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Ringtone de "Roman Holiday"

Letra da musica Roman Holiday:  

[Chorus] :
Take your medications roman
Take a short vacation roman
You'll be ok
(Stop it mother please)
You need to know your station roman
Some alternations on
And your clothes and your brain
(Get me out of her mother)
Take a little break little rome
From the silence in your soul
There's so much you can take
You can take
I know how bad you need a roman holiday
Roman holiday
A roman holiday

You're done you ok
You suck at life
You don't want a round 3
Worship the queen and you might come pass
Keep it real, these chicks couldn't wipe my huh
And these wasteland place go get the barey
I am the ultimate fongali
These chicks can't even spell that
You hoes bugin'
Repel that
Let me tell you this sister
I am , I'm more powered than a blister
With my flow so sick
I am lunatic
And this can't be cured with no elixir
'Cause y'all know who da, who da , i do
Time to put the pressure to every duck I knew
Quack quack to a duck and the chick there too
And put the hardy in my weekend too


Witch, twitch , bitch
God I was right this is world war 6
This right here is gonna make a chick dock
And this right here is gonna make a chick rock
And this right here is an undersigned shock
And this what I do when a chick breaks flock

(Demoniac chanting)

Imma put her in a dungeon under under
All this girls ain't eating
They dieing f hunger
Oh I need , who is this oh
And yes maybe this is tourettes
Get my wigs and someone go and get my beret


(Church song):
Come all ye faithful
Joyful and triamphant
I am Roman Zolanski x2

Talking 'bout me you're talking 'bout me
I tell your mother he's talking 'bout me
They must be smoking a couple of oc
I want them outlawed now get 'em a goatee
Oh mother they're talking 'bout me
I tell your mother they're talking 'bout me
They must be smoking a couple of oc
Now go get 'em a goatee
Oh mother , forgive me

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Ringtone de "Roman Holiday"

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