Letra Five-O

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Letra Five-O

Nicki Minaj

Artista: Nicki Minaj
Album: Beam Me Up Scotty
Música: Five-O
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Letra da musica Five-O:  

(feat. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda)

Where my str8 jacket at... I'm a psycho
Where dat white blo, y dey copy my flow
If it's not young money, it's a typo
Dere dem lights go, we don't talk to five-o

We don't t-t-talk, talk 2 five-o
Dere dem lights go, we don't talk to five-o
If it's not young money, it's a typo
Dere dem lights go we don't talk to five-o

[Jae Millz:]
Mister officer, mister officer
I'm sry I don't wanna take a waaalk with ya
Matta fact, I ain't trynna talk 2 ya
We ain't got no business, so wat we taaalkn fa
It ain't no need to bring me in 4 no interigation
Cause about dat boi who jus got shot, I gots no information
Dese broke ass snitch niggas styll grame shavn {? }
@ da pricent writin statements on which your house is da station {DAMN}
Not I, tattle tellin is for homos
Besides, dats da #1 young money no no
Police, we don't chat with dem
We ain't got no wrap for dem
U in da cop car point niggas out from da back of dem {DERE HE GO}
Bac seat informer, your papi shoulda warned ya
U even tell PoPo I'm black, & yous a fucn goner
Yea u get high, but I get higher
Manyana, I jjus mite go 2 da half way house and ask your

Ringtone de "Five-O"

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